Egress Window Size Guide

Egress windows as the name implies are the exit or escape windows in emergencies and usually in case of fire. Usually, these windows are installed in specific spots of homes such as bedrooms and basements. Basements of all buildings, such as homes, offices and institutions etc must have one basement egress window as a minimum requirement. The standard criteria about egress window size have by now been approved by International Residential Code. You should not overlook these criteria about egress window size because this may result in rigorous results. Number of egress windows to be installed depends on the construction design of the building as well as number of rooms and people living in it. Moreover, these must be installed in their specified egress window size. There are some size obligations in reference to Egress window size. All types of exit windows must fulfill all agreed criteria about the egress window size. By and large, the standard egress window size is necessary for egress windows of the bedrooms on each floor. You should not neglect your home’s basement in this regard. If there are living rooms in the basement then specific types of fire escape windows satisfying the egress window size criteria are now available in the market. You can go for any of your required egress window furnishing your necessities as well.

Selection and purchasing of egress windows in accordance to your requirement is so simple and easy.  The purchasing process of egress windows in your required design and size is no more difficult now. The reason at the back is that there is no need to search for your required egress window size from shop to shop in the furniture market. Now, you can buy egress of any size via online shopping carts presented by several manufacturers of egress windows.  Nevertheless, do not forget the IRC approved egress window size at any cost.  Your required egress window must fulfill these criteria in order to avoid any penalty from law authorities. Moreover, ignoring these criteria may result in loss of your dear ones. A small-sized bedroom egress window may result in great catastrophe in case if your room catches fire.

These are the escape windows made according to Uniform Building Codes with satisfactory standards for egress window size necessities.  Installation of egress windows in all buildings particularly houses is obligatory to avoid mishaps. As these windows provide an outlet in emergency situations and keep people safe from an injury or death. There are some standard criteria about egress window size as mentioned by IRC. According to approved building codes, a standard egress window must be 20 inches in width, 24 inches in height and about 44 inches above the floor. The total opening area of an egress window for escape of an average individual should be 5.7 sq. ft as minimum requirement. Yet, for ground floor this total area of escape will be cut down to about 5 sq. ft. There are only few windows, which satisfies these parapets and hence may be used as egress windows.

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